Entering into a new business relationship or hiring an employee without conducting a thorough background check can prove to be costly mistakes for your business. TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS understands that Due Diligence is not just a “check the box” exercise, but a corporate obligation which serves to safeguard your assets and your people.

The concept of Due Diligence must be defined in the context of a variety of factors for each situation. Consequently, background investigations are not a “one size fits all” proposition at TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS, and each inquiry is tailored to the client’s needs.

Background investigations typically compile the results of a variety of database searches regarding the subject of the inquiry. TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS examines this information carefully In order to determine whether any follow up investigation is warranted and should be recommended to the client. This process may involve interviews, the securing of records, or other logical steps to resolve any issues which surfaced. We understand that there is more to conducting a background investigation than summarizing information generated by standard database searches. Our personalized approach to each inquiry is designed to leave no stone unturned in your effort to avoid entering into a business relationship that could result in negative consequences for your company.

TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS is committed to minimizing the risk inherent in entering into a new business relationship. Each inquiry may include, as appropriate and authorized, a review of public records, commercially available databases, the internet and other media sources, various county, state and federal criminal records and a variety of government sanction lists. The resulting information is used to verify the individual’s identity; identify assets/financial obligations; business associations; credit history, driving history, professional licenses; disciplinary actions; civil judgments, suits, liens, UCC filings and bankruptcies; media articles; criminal records, and government sanctions.

TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS can facilitate background investigations in a variety of countries as a result of its access to a network of established Service Providers throughout the world.

Let TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS bring that prospective employee or business associate into focus.