During his employment with the law offices of Weiner, Ostrager, Fieldman & Mantel as a civil litigation attorney, Mr. Mandrafina tried a number of cases in the New Jersey Superior Court system. He conducted hundreds of depositions in the course of pretrial discovery, and routinely prepared witnesses for their testimony.

Mr. Mandrafina testified extensively in a number of federal criminal trials throughout the United States during his tenure with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was often tasked by the United States Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York, to assist in the preparation of witnesses for trial. Among his varied assignments as a Special Agent, he conducted investigations regarding alleged violations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act by FBI employees. As a Supervisory Special Agent, one of his collateral duties involved conducting investigations of alleged misconduct by FBI employees on behalf of the Office of Professional Responsibility. Both the EEO and OPR investigations involved the extensive interviewing of complainants, respondents and witnesses, resulting in the production of signed, sworn statements and comprehensive investigative reports.

With his three dimensional background as a litigator, witness, and investigator, Mr. Mandrafina can provide your office with a valuable asset in support of your litigation efforts. He is uniquely qualified to comprehend complex theories of liability and provide the appropriate focus to potentially broad ranging and time consuming investigations.

It has been our experience that the most effective use of investigative resources results from a true partnership and ongoing dialogue between attorney and investigator. TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS is committed to providing its clients with a level of personalized service designed to achieve this goal in every matter entrusted to us.

As a result of the extensive training he has provided to state, county and local police agencies throughout New Jersey, Mr. Mandrafina enjoys an excellent relationship within the law enforcement community. He has assembled a pool of former Special Agents and Special Federal Officers who possess the skill sets necessary to support more resource intensive investigations.

TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS is approved for access to restricted commercial databases, which can assist in locating witnesses and defendants. With an extensive network of international law enforcement contacts, the company can facilitate the location and interview of witnesses in a variety of countries.

TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS considers requests for support in criminal defense matters on a case by case basis.

Fee structure provided upon request.