TWILIGHT INVESTIGATIONS also functions as a licensed, bonded and insured Security Agency. These services were developed in response to the needs of our corporate clientele, who were seeking high caliber security agents to protect their personnel and proprietary information during off-site meetings and events. Twilight’s security team is composed primarily of former FBI Special Agents and Task Force Officers who possessed a Top Secret Security Clearance during their tenure as law enforcement officers. In addition to their experience in protecting sensitive information, they bring a variety of skills to the table, to include Crisis Management, Executive Protection, Hostage Negotiation and Covert Operations. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of security while maintaining a low profile during your event.

Every security agent has been selected based on their demonstrated interpersonal skills and good judgment, in order to insure a positive interaction with event staff and attendees. Our goal is to create an environment which addresses your security concerns without negatively impacting the atmosphere of the event. We also offer electronic sweeps of meeting rooms in cases where the sensitivity of the information to be discussed warrants an escalation of security measures.

We can also serve as your security consultant, and provide comprehensive site security assessments for our clients’ proposed or existing place of business. A risk assessment and thorough review of policies, procedures, training and security assets is conducted, resulting in a comprehensive report outlining findings and recommendations. Due to the often complex nature of these engagements, a scope of work is crafted for each assignment which will outline the myriad of issues to be addressed that cannot be included here. Whether you are seeking a general review of your security program to ensure adherence to “best practices”, or require an after action assessment as a result of a critical incident, Twilight Investigations can provide the expertise to evaluate the adequacy of your current program.

We have also conducted Penetration Exercises against our clients’ facilities which are designed to expose weaknesses in their security program by attempting to breach their perimeter. These intrusions, which are preceded by an assessment of vulnerabilities, have proven extremely effective in identifying flaws while heightening awareness among security personnel regarding adherence to protocol.

Fee structure provided upon request.